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ChuggaBoom is your new favourite band. A band fuelled purely by Spotify revenue and merchandise sales, they are here to make out with your sisters, steal your girlfriends and become your new step-dads while creating some incredibly good music on the way. Become a Chuggalo, or get left behind.

Formed in 2014 ChuggaBoom quickly proclaimed themselves the greatest metalcore band on earth As custodians of the stolen riffs in their quest to restore metalcore to the galaxy, the band are not afraid to record whatever they want. Drawing upon a wide range of influences from Upon A Burning Body to Devin Townsend and Funeral For A Friend to Attack Attack!

From the start they have been prolific in releasing new material and to date have released 4 EPs, an album and several singles and covers to boot. At the end of 2019 they dropped their own take on Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which to date has had over 1/4 million streams/views. Even in the current world crises they have used the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown as inspiration and have already released two singles ‘Corona Matata’ and ‘Chuggflix & Chill’ both accompanied with award-winning (sic) videos and merch designs. Rumour has it there is a trilogy to this saga...

The band have completed various UK headline/support runs and were set to embark on an 8-date headline tour in April until nobody’s friend Covid-19 came along. They’ve also played festivals including Teddy Rocks, Macmillan Fest and the Tech Fest afterparty and shared stages with the likes of Our Hollow Our Home, Dream State, Silent Screams and Continents amongst others.

Not shy of controversy, ChuggaBoom have managed to remain a mystery behind the masks since their conception whilst occasionally firing off at big corporations. They released a parody covers album called “Now That’s What I Call Deathcore” theming the artwork on the infamous brands series of compilation albums. Sony fired a cease & desist at the band and removed the album off all platforms. The band cited the Parody Law of ‘Fair Use,’ tweaked the cover and title and reuploaded the album. True to form, they followed up with the diss track ‘Phony’ aimed directly at Sony.

With the support of their dedicated Chuggalo community they’ve clocked 5m+ Spotify streams and 1.25m views on their YouTube channel.


Levi Taurus: vocals
John Virgo: guitar
Leo Carter: guitar
Avira Caprica: bass
Castor Holland: drums


Chuggaboom are available for UK/EU tours, one off shows and festival appearances worldwide.

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